Staff file

Staff records (STAFF file) are used to define some specific accesses intended for non-operators in Colleague. Staff records function as a central hub between the other primary employee records, including Operator ID (SOD), Person (NAE), and Web Users (DRUS). They also contain various privacy and authorization controls, such as:

  • In order to verify you have the authority to modify restrictions for a user, you must have the appropriate office code that matches the restriction.
  • You can adjust/override visibility of sensitive fields like SSN and Demographics directly on Staff records instead of creating new security classes.

Common forms


  • SCD: Define security classes
  • SCDA: Allow security classes to access files (tables and directories) in the Colleague database/server
  • PSCS: Lists what security is specified on a specific processes
  • SCOR: View applied security based on operators, applications, and modules
  • SVM: Create and modify Staff records
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