Registry & Resources

The DMI Registry, or more formally the Resource Database, contains what used to be called Web Users, now Resources. The Web User terminology is well-cemented in Colleague so you will see them used interchangeably. Some screens relating to the Registry use Web User (WUIP, WUPR...), while others use Resource (AROR, EPDB...) but they are effectively the same things. The "Resource" terminology was introduced with the new security model for Self Service, as Web Users were initially coined for Self Service’s deprecated predecessor, WebAdvisor. Web Users are stored in the table ORG_ENTITY_ENV—as such, Resources are also associated with the acronym OEE. Confusing, right?

Person records are required to create Web Users, and Person IDs created in DRUS are linked to the Web Users. Person records are set up in NAE.

Web Users are required for access to Colleague Studio, WebAdvisor, and Self Service.

Web Users can be authenticated using passwords saved alongside the record, or an external source like LDAP.

Common forms


  • DRUS: single user
  • DMIS: student bulk
  • DMIF: faculty bulk
  • DMIE: employee bulk
  • DMIU: any other user bulk
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