LDAP integration

LDAP is powered by the Ellucian LDAP Agent. The Agent facilitates API requests between Colleague SaaS and LDAP servers such as Active Directory. LSCP can be used to configure LDAP integration, and LDSL can turn sync on or off. The LDAP Agent communicates to the Colleague API, and Colleague triggers API requests using EDX.

LDSL Sync Levels have unique values

A Sync Level of 0 is off; no API calls will be sent to the agent, and any calls received from the agent will be silently ignored. Sync Level 1 is effectively unused. Level 2 is on.

Do not leave sync off on prod!

If you are performing maintenance on Colleague prod and need to turn LDAP syncs off for a while using LDSL, do your work as fast as you can, and don’t forget to turn it back on after. There is no way to turn off LDAP syncs for only specific users so the whole environment will have LDAP writes silently dropped while sync is turned off.

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