While DMI and DMI Listeners work for the interchange and ingressing of information in Colleague, EDX (Envision Data Exchange) is the new transport used to export information from Colleague, especially for Colleague SaaS. It does not interface with DMI Listeners and instead has its own format and functionality. Document definitions (file EDX.DOC.DEF) store criteria that EDX will parse and triggers that will fire when they match to a rule. These triggers then send data to subscribing applications, such as the Ellucian LDAP Agent or Ethos Integration.

Common forms


  • EDXS: Define new subscribers.
  • EDIL: Install/remove subscriber files.
  • EDDD: Document definition.
  • EDRC: Edit EDX-related files. Edit EDX.DOC.DEF to see the raw values used for triggers.
  • EDXT: Enter new triggers.
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