Background processes and scheduled tasks

Processes running in the background in Colleague are called phantom processes. Phantoms can be scheduled, and these are called outstanding or scheduled phantom processes, and are handled by the Envision Process Handler system. Scheduled processes are assigned to an Operator record, a scheduling queue, and the screen that is responsible for creating the process. When creating a phantom process, the Background Execution Type determines if it is a one-time run ("P", Phantom Process) or if a new schedule should be created ("E", Envision Process Handler).

Phantom management screens


  • PRSC: Shows all the scheduled processes in Colleague, like a crontab; also shows disabled/manually created scheduled processes
  • MYPR: Shows active scheduled processes for the logged-in user, Detail takes you to the associated PHTS Detail screen from PRSC
  • OPRI: Shows all currently scheduled processes, their associated process queue, and when they will next run.
  • RPRI: Shows all running processes for the logged-in session.
  • RSPH: Restarts the process handler queues after changes in PHSU/PRQM or if a queue is choked.
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